Stud Service


Stud Fees: Moose-$1,800, Jupiter-$2,000, Boss-$2,000, Ustas-$2,000

Collection/Shipping Fee-$300 on top of Stud Fee

Stud Fee is good for one breeding. If you wish for additional breeding, to the same Dam in the same heat cycle it is an extra $200

  • In order to be approved for Stud Service, please email copies of Dam's AKC Registration, Dilute Results, Genetic Testings, and Hip/Elbow testings to Please tell me what is your plan and goal for this breeding.

  • A $300 None Refundable Service Charge is due before collection takes place. This will go towards Collection Kit, Shipping Kit, Extender, and shipping to anywhere in the US. If you request more than one breeding for the same Dam, the Service Charge is due for each collection/shipping.

  • A None Refundable Deposit of $500 is due before collection takes place. This will go towards the Stud Fee amount.

  • The remaining balance of Stud Fee is due at 30 days, when a pregnancy test can be done.

  • A litter of one or more puppy is considered a litter.

  • Stud Owner DOES NOT Guarantee any live puppies upon whelp.

  • If the Dam is found not pregnant, a repeat breeding may occur only to the same dam bred to the same stud within a two-year period. Service Charge will have to be paid again before collection.

  • No dual sired litters! Dam owner must agree to not breed the dam to any other males. If an accidental dual sired litter takes place, the dam owner agrees to pay the Stud Owner the full amount of stud fee, no matter who test positive for the sire of the litter. 

  • Stud Owner is NOT responsible for any vet bills that occur for the Dam or litter of puppies.

  • Stud Owner is NOT responsible for any supplies, medicines, vaccinations, or anything the puppies or Dam may need.

  • Our Studs have been genetically tested, have Hips/Elbows tested, and are Dilute Clear. Please visit our males page on our website for results.

  • Stud Owner is NOT responsible for any health concerns regarding the Dam or puppies. We can not guarantee size, or any congenital defects that could occur.

  • Stud Owner DOES NOT offer any type of Health Guarantee for puppies born from Stud Services.

  • We do not offer live breeding. Furthermore, we can only collect and have it overnighted to anywhere in the US.

  • No Puppies can be sold on Full AKC Registration. Unless discussed and approved by Stud Owner. In the action puppies are sold on Full AKC Registration, the results are a $10,000 Fine.

 Sure Shot English Labs Stud Service Terms and Conditions    

**I retain the right to refuse stud service at any time****

If Dam owner does not follow the agreed upon Terms and Condition or does not pay the remaining balance of Stud Fee 35 days after conception, Stud Owner has the right to proceed with legal actions. Should the Stud owner need to retain an attorney, the Dam owner is responsible for paying any and all attorney fees deemed necessary.