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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Food do you feed?

Right now, we are feeding TLC All Life Stages Dog Food.

It can be ordered through this link

How do you take payment?

We take deposits by Square. All we need is your email, and we can send you an invoice.


For Families choosing to use our transportation service, we will send an Invoice out through square. For families, we are meeting, you can either pay with cash or by square. WE DO NOT EXCEPT CHECKS, VENMO, OR ANY OTHER PAYMENT METHODS.

After deposit is placed, what do we do next?

Most deposits are placed before a litter of puppies is born. As we get closer to babies being born, I will keep everyone updated! Once babies are born, I send out weekly pictures for everyone to watch them grow.

How do we do picks?

We will do picks at 6-7 weeks in order deposits were placed. I will send out pictures/videos and can also FaceTime.

Do you allow people to come to your home?

We don't have people come to our home due to that fact that we have four young kids. We also don't for the safety of our puppies and dogs. Most of the time we have younger upcoming puppies that might not of had vaccinations yet.

How do we get our Labrador Retriever Puppy?

We have a ground transporter that can deliver. They have delivered puppies all over the country for us. They offer ground transportation. With ground transportation, they make a route, then drop off and pick up puppies along the way. Exact times and dates for delivery will be provided once it gets close to puppies going home.

If you choose to make the trip to pick your puppy up, we can meet you at an easy location. We also have lots of families that choose to fly in to pick their puppy up and fly back home with them. We can meet you at our closest Airport in Gulfport, Mississippi or New Orleans, LA.

We DO NOT fly our puppies by cargo.

What Vaccinations will my English Labrador have?

I do NeoPar Vaccination at 5 weeks old. Then they have their first 6-1 puppy vaccination at 7 weeks old. They will be dewormed every two weeks.

What will my puppy come with?

We will have a puppy bag made up for each puppy. It will have a folder with their, Health Guarantee, AKC Puppy Papers, pet insurance information, microchip information, and copy of their vaccination/deworming schedule. We also put extra goodies inside for the babies, toys, puppy food, NuVet Vitamin Samples, etc.

Will my puppy be microchipped?

Yes, every puppy will be microchipped and sent home with the information to transfer into your name.

How are your puppies raised?

Our puppies are a huge part of our lives. They are all born inside our home. From day one, they are loved on by our four children. Once I feel comfortable with momma and babies, they are then moved to our puppy room. We have a 30x40 building with play pens set up inside and outside. As they grow they are introduced to a big crazy family. We do doggy door training, which helps a lot with potty training once they go home. They learn that outside is the place to go potty. Once they have had their NeoPar vaccination at 5 weeks, they have free-range to come in and out the doggy doors as they please. During the hotter months (which is 10 months out of the year) we have kitty pools set up for them to enjoy. They come to their new homes pre-spoiled and very socialized.

I found another excellent Vitamin, can I use those instead of keeping my puppy on NuVet?

No, in order to receive the Hip/Elbow Guarantee, your puppy must be kept on NuJoint Plus Vitamins. They send us a monthly statement with all the puppy buyers names that have ordered. Over the years, we have done tons of research on the best Vitamins and Foods to keep our dogs on.

What age should I get my puppy fixed?

Your puppy shouldn't be fixed until after 18 months old. If your puppy is fixed before, then the Hip and Elbow Guarantee is voided. There will be no exceptions. Your puppy needs time to fully grow before having him/her fixed. Fixing them too young can cause hip/elbow problems.

Do you offer stud service?

At this time, we do not offer Stud Service

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